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  • To avoid disassembly/reassembly fees, remove all parts/accessories from your barreled action. If your barrel is under 18", it must be removed from the action.


  • Print out your order confirmation email with your desired services, contact

    info, and shipping address, and include this in the box. Without this info, your order may be delayed.


  • Securely package your firearm to ensure no damages occur in shipping.


  • Ship your item to the following address using USPS or UPS. We generally have the least issues with USPS. Insurance is recommended as we are NOT responsible for damages or lost packages:


Diamond C Precision

3645 County Road 105

Roscoe, Texas 79545


  • We recommend using Pirate Ship to create your own label before dropping your item off at UPS or the Post Office. This is significantly cheaper and cuts down on issues.


  • If you have any questions concerning shipping your item to Diamond C Precision, please feel free to contact us.

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